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statki morskie

W co wyposażone są statki morskie?

Statki morskie to potężne konstrukcje, które poruszają się po wodzie, przewożąc ludzi i ładunki na całym świecie. Ich wyposażenie jest kluczowe dla bezpiecznej i efektywnej żeglugi. W artykule przedstawimy trzy kluczowe elementy wyposażenia statków morskich, które mają ogromne znaczenie dla ich funkcjonowania.


rdza na metalu

Pneumatic rust remover

Pneumatic rust remover is an indispensable tool that has found wide application in various industrial sectors, especially in shipyards, where maintaining the metal surfaces of ships in the best possible condition is essential. Thanks to its efficiency and precision, the pneumatic hammer allows for effective and fast removal of rust and corrosion layers from various parts of the floating unit. In this article, we will take a closer look at its operation and advantages.


prom ze stolikami i krzesłami

What should be considered when choosing a company supplying provisions for vessels

Choosing the right company to supply provisions for vessels poses a significant challenge for shipowners and captains of maritime vessels. Properly provisioning a ship with food, beverages, as well as hygiene and cleaning supplies is crucial for the comfort and health of the crew. A well-selected supply company can also contribute to cost optimization and improve operational efficiency on board. In this article, we will present several aspects to consider when choosing a company to supply provisions for ships.


statek z kontenerami

What are ShipChandler services?

Properly supplying ships is crucial for the safety and comfort of both the crew and passengers. In practice, this translates to the need to find appropriate products and replenish the supplies of the floating unit at every mooring location. While in the past, this responsibility rested on the shoulders of the crew, today, the services of professionals are utilized. This occurs through the Ship Chandler service. What exactly does it involve? Let's find out!


statek na morzu

The supply of vessels

The supply of vessels is an extremely important element of efficient maritime trade operations. Properly equipping vessels is crucial for the safety and comfort of the crew, as well as for the efficiency of transporting goods. What does such supply involve? In this article, we will try to explain this using the example of our company.