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Technical Ship Supplies

Our customer service department is ready to provide information, technical advice, and support in selecting the appropriate ship equipment. We supply vessels with a range of tools, seals, connectors, bearings, valves, pipes, as well as steel, copper, brass materials, oil-resistant and high-temperature-resistant materials, and insulation materials. Additionally, we provide ships with publications, screws, nuts, oils, greases, paints, painting accessories, cables, bulbs, fuses, deck fittings and accessories, life-saving and firefighting equipment, and welding equipment and accessories.

What does maritime safety equipment include?

Maritime safety equipment is crucial for maritime vessels, ensuring the safety of the crew, passengers, and the vessel itself at sea. This equipment minimizes accident risks, maintains control in emergencies, and ensures compliance with maritime safety regulations. Mandatory safety equipment includes life jackets, evacuation ladders, emergency lighting, signaling pyrotechnics for alarm signals, assisting in determining positions during threats or evacuations. Ships must also be equipped with fire extinguishers, hydrants, water spray equipment, and firefighting equipment to combat potential onboard fires. Communication devices such as radios, sound signals, and alarm systems are equally essential for crisis communication or contacting other vessels.

These are just some of the mandatory safety equipment items onboard, many of which can be found in ROAN Ship Chandler's offerings.