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Pneumatic Tools

Our company supplies various types of pneumatic tools necessary to maintain efficiency and reliability at sea. These tools come from renowned manufacturers known for excellent quality and durability. Each tool is carefully selected to provide products that meet the highest standards.

We offer a wide range of pneumatic tools, including pneumatic rust hammers, chisels, needle scalers, and more. Our products are tailored to different tasks, catering to every ship's needs.

These tools are tested and meet rigorous safety standards, ensuring you use products that are not only efficient but also provide maximum safety for the crew and the vessel. Feel free to take advantage of Roan Ship Chandler's offerings.

How Do Rust Removal Hammers Work?

Rust on ships is unavoidable. It results from the corrosion process of metal due to its contact with moisture and seawater, a typical scenario in a marine environment. This process is complicated and involves the oxidation of metal in the presence of oxygen and moisture, leading to the formation of metal oxides, known as rust. Rust, besides being unsightly, can weaken the structural integrity of a marine vessel, posing a serious threat to safety and efficiency. That's why it's worth investing in proper tools and equipment for its removal.

Our rust removal hammers on ships are pneumatic tools used to remove layers of rust and corrosion from metal surfaces on ships. They work by mechanically separating rust from the metal surface. The rust removal hammer is equipped with a specially designed tip or head, which is usually coated with a hard material such as stainless steel or a hard metal alloy. This head is struck or pressed onto the metal surface where rust is present and then withdrawn at a very rapid pace, all thanks to compressed air. This process allows the hammer to separate and remove rust layers from the metal surface, even dealing with thick rust layers.

Regular rust removal, especially in underwater hull areas, helps maintain the structural durability of the vessel, prevents further corrosion, and extends its lifespan. It also contributes to improving the ship's aesthetics. So, we encourage you to invest in a pneumatic rust removal hammer!