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Mooring ropes

Marine mooring ropes are used for mooring, which means securing the vessel to a dock, buoy, or another designed location. The ropes are also served as towlines when a vessel needs to be towed. Our company has been trusted by small vessels as well as large maritime fleet for a long time, offering reliable and safe mooring ropes.

Synthetic mooring ropes

Our company provides synthetic mooring ropes in various diameters, lengths, and materials, including:

  • polypropylene ropes
  • ropes made from mixed fibers.
  • polyamide ropes

All of these meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Our mooring ropes are manufactured and tested in accordance with European and international standards (EN and ISO). All mooring and towing ropes supplied by us come with DNV certificate. The standard of length is 220 meters, but we can produce the ropes of different length as specified by customer.

Our synthetic mooring ropes are very lightweight and do not absorb water. The ropes are made from unique fibers and are resistant to acids, significantly extending the lifespan of these products. Our ropes work exceptionally well not only as mooring ropes, but also as a towing rope.

What to consider when choosing mooring ropes?

When choosing a maritime mooring rope, there are several key factors that should be considered to ensure safety and effectiveness during mooring. First and foremost, one should focus on minimum breaking load (MBL) values and line designed breaking force (LDBF). These values should be selected based on the specifications of the vessel and the mooring devices. For new vessels, this will be specified MBLSD value, while for the older ones, SWL should be considered. Another criterion for selection should be a material from which the rope was made. Besides the material, the rope’s elasticity and resistance to atmospheric condition are also significant. The regions of navigations, type of docks etc. also matter. Opting for a rope with an appropriate grip is worthwhile, which make the rope easier to handle and manipulate, even in worse weather condition.

Considering the multitude of aspects that need to be considered when choosing the best rope for the vessel, a dialogue and understanding of the customer’s needs are essential. Our customer service specialists, possessing excellent knowledge about our products, will be happy to advise you in selecting the appropriate rope for your vessel.

We support our clients in mooring rope maintenance, assisting in preserving their durability and performance. Our specialized staff provides professional technical advice. When purchasing mooring ropes from Roan, you can be confident in their reliability, durability, and readiness to meet the demands of challenging maritime conditions.

We are ready to collaborate with various clients, from ship owners to fleet management companies, providing reliable mooring solutions at every stage of vessel operation. We offer competitive prices while ensuring the highest quality of our products. "Roan Ropes" is our specialized branch dedicated to synthetic mooring ropes, and within ROAN Ship Chandler, we also handle the supply of technical equipment for ships. Check us out!

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