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Who are we?

As ROAN Ship Chandler, we have been operating since 1992. Our years of experience in the industry have allowed us to understand the specific requirements of maritime supply. With years spent delivering products to ships, we know what maritime units need and how to provide it quickly, avoiding the problems faced by competitors. 

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Our goal is continuous improvement in delivering high-quality products at favorable prices, with friendly, professional, and efficient customer service. We ensure rapid delivery of provisions and other necessary products to ship crews. We deliver only the highest quality food and beverages that meet the "high catering quality" standards. Due to very limited access to healthcare, food safety is crucial, and ROAN Ship Chandler can guarantee it, confirmed by the ISO 22000:2018 certificate for supplying ships with food: warehousing and transportation of dry, chilled, and frozen food products.

We collaborate with shipowners, fleet management entrepreneurs, and catering companies providing services on ships. On the request of captains or maritime agents, we also fulfill urgent orders for ships already docked in ports. We approach each customer individually, respecting their requests and engaging in every complex order.

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Maritime Vessel Equipment

As a maritime supplier, we provide maritime vessel equipment. We supply provisions, including cigarettes and alcohol duty-free. We offer this service as one of the 3 companies in Poland. Our Ship Chandler services also include supplying ships with technical equipment, mooring ropes, and marine paints. Our offering constantly expands to meet customer expectations. We warmly invite you to engage with us!

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Marine paints


Logistics services

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Duty free stores

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Technical equipment

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Our Values

"We deeply believe in long-term cooperation based on coordinated services, professionalism, experience and consistent operations to maintain the high-quality of services we offer to our customers."



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Long-term relations

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High-quality and safety of services

Our vision

Our Vision Our goal is continuous improvement in delivering high-quality products at favorable prices and short delivery times, with friendly yet professional and efficient service.

Since 1992